Mini Review: The Face Shop Apple Pop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

It’s spontaneous, I know! I’m stuck at the airport right now, somewhere in the middle of the globe! While traveling, there are a lot of things that may cause discomfort and one of those is skin dryness!!! Don’t you just hate having dry hands and fingers?! I can’t stand that! I always have a hand cream in my purses wherever I go, so let me just say how I love this The Face Shop Hand Cream! 

I’m in a tiny cafe now, just killing time and I’ve just freshened up, washed my hands and my moisturizer got washed out. Thanks to this fragrant hand cream, my hands and fingers don’t feel dry anymore! Smells like fresh apples, too! 

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The Body Shop Haul

So it was a quiet Sunday and it was a walk-into-random shops after my little shopping at H&M. And yes, skin care is really an inevitable object in my mall times. 😜

After a few trips to different The Body Shop stores in the city, they finally restocked their Vitamin E series. I knew then I would go home with one. 💁🏼

Yay! Finally!

I chose to get the Vitamin E Emulsion SPF30 PA+++ and while I was happy with it, I realized that I have not renewed my The Body Shop membership card for quite some time, I decided to get another product to get the card for free. The last time I visited their shop, I really liked sniffing this Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne and I was lucky that they were having a promotion. 200 PHP off! Yay! 

I’ve started using the Vitamin E emulsion this morning. I’m going to use it as my morning moisturizer since it has SPF. It can add protection to my skin since I’m also using a DD cream with SPF from Ecoskinlove (local organic shop). I will post about their products separately. 

I’m hoping to get positive results from this Vitamin E emulsion. ❤️