Review: The Face Shop Miracle Finish CC Intense Cushion

Hi again! It’s been a long time! My gosh, I have been super busy I totally neglected this blog 😩

Anyhow, I’ve been trying cushions and this review is long overdue. I love Korean skincare and make up! The Face Shop is one of my favorite brands because of their quality and their neat packaging.

I was looking for a natural, moisturized finish and so I got this. It’s got SPF 50+ which works for me because I’m on the go and I have random run arounds!

I don’t need much coverage because I don’t have blemishes, I just need an awesome finish to improve my skin’s appearance as it tends to become dry especially during the day.

I recommend this to those who have dry-combination skin. The moisture stays and it’s long lasting, too! I didn’t really have to touch up in the middle of the day.

It’s relatively cheap as well compared to other brands like Laneige (my usual brand, next review). It also comes with a refill so it’s really a great deal! ❤️

My rating would be 4.5 stars 🤗

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Mini Review: The Face Shop Apple Pop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

It’s spontaneous, I know! I’m stuck at the airport right now, somewhere in the middle of the globe! While traveling, there are a lot of things that may cause discomfort and one of those is skin dryness!!! Don’t you just hate having dry hands and fingers?! I can’t stand that! I always have a hand cream in my purses wherever I go, so let me just say how I love this The Face Shop Hand Cream! 

I’m in a tiny cafe now, just killing time and I’ve just freshened up, washed my hands and my moisturizer got washed out. Thanks to this fragrant hand cream, my hands and fingers don’t feel dry anymore! Smells like fresh apples, too! 

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Thanks for dropping by my blog!


Review: Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion (Moringa)

Hey reader! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve been wanting to post about my review on this product as I’ve been using it for a month now.

I’m totally happy with the moisturizing effect as my skin has always been dry. I’ve read from Althea Korea before I purchased this product about its benefits and ingredients. They also included reviews which is really cool! I love Althea Korea!

Aside from the lotion, there are other Moringa products to choose from. There is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I’ve used the body lotion so far and I’m really happy about it.

According to their product info, they are using Ceramide and natural ingredients for moisture lock up. Another thing I love about this product is it has amazing scent. It reminds me of The Body Shop’s morninga perfume that I’ve used years back.

If you have dry skin and you love scented body lotion, I’d recommend this product!

I’m giving this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

An SPF would make it a perfect 5 for me!
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Are u using another moisturizing lotion? Please let me know in the comments!



First Impression: Aqua Blossom White Effect OLED Cream

While shopping at Althea Korea, this caught my attention. I was actually looking for a moisturizer which can also lighten dark skin areas so this would be perfect!

Got this for 73% off!

P440 instead of P1640👏🏼

These are found on Althea Korea website:

50g/ 1.6FL Oz.

It’s got a nice packaging 😍

There’s a button to press for the product to come out! 🤗 It’s hygienic 💕

You can also regulate the amount of product you wanna get from it.

There’s an instant effect. My arm obviously has been applied with the product. 😊

I’d have to do another review for the long term effect of this product.

Description on the box:

“WHITE EFFECT OLED CREAM” which contains diamond powders, brings clear and pure skin for it is using much pearl extracts instead of purified water and it contains authenticated whitening ingredients as much as possible which feels like cream and will brighten user’s own skin color by using it immediately.

How my skin feels: It’s not that moisturizing. It leaves a matte finish but because my skin is quite dry, it highlights my lines. However, this is on my arms and hands. On my face, it’s good to be used as a primer for my BB Cream.

For my first impression rating, I’d give it


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Review: Laneige Whitening BB Cushion

I got really curious and excited to use a BB Cushion. I’ve seen many attractive designs and they’re pretty affordable, too. I saw Misha ones ranging from P450 but of course, that’s Shopee or Instagram prices. I’m a bit paranoid with fake make ups and I’ve always wanted to try Laneige so I just had to skip buying locally and went on line shopping at Althea Korea because it’s just the hottest on line shop for Korean make up and skin care. 😉
I’ve been eyeing on getting the Fruit Juice Makeup] BB cushion Whitening SPF 50+ PA+++ that was always out of stock each time I attempted to add to my cart. Finally I got it and there’s no turning back 😁 I bought mine for P1,320 instead of P1800 💰 Yay! 💕 

Result/ Effect: It has good coverage. I don’t have blemishes but I can see how it smoothens my skin. It’s a skin perfecting bb cream 👍 I love it! There’s an instant glow on my skin. I have dry skin and this BB Cushion seems to give my skin some healthy glow (not shiny or greasy). My skin is moisturized and knowing that it’s also gonna be lightened over time is just so awesome! I really love the packaging. It’s neat and simple. Just great! I don’t think it will be an easy thing to use a different brand if I would be tempted to try another BB Cushion. For now, I’m sticking to this one. It’s very easy to use, sponge is just right in size and texture. So easy to blend. ❤


5 stars

Happy 1st Birthday Althea! 

It’s my first time to order from Althea Korea. It’s not a very smooth transaction but definitely worth the bloopers and the wait 😅.

From the outside, you can already tell it’s a girl thing inside, right? 😁

The box is pink, too! 😍 It has a “Happy Birthday” on it. ❤

a pink balloon to blow up for the birthday party 🎂

what the inside of the box say…

some stickers and a party hat to use for their birthday contest on Facebook 😁

My first Althea purchase: Laneige whitening BB cushion and Witch’s Pouch dual lipstick ❤