Fewer Filipinos Consider Themselves Poor 

Our country is a third world country not because it is poor. We are rich in natural resources. Unfortunately, there is a cancer in the government. It has been ran by corrupt public officials who also have bosses who are oligarchs, So the poor became poorer and the few who were rich became richer. For a long time, our farmers only worked hard to produce rice but couldn’t afford to eat them. They eat corn as they find it affordable compared to rice, worse is they only consume root crops to live by.

Graph showing how much percentage there is of the citizens who consider themselves poor

Graph showing percentage of citizens who consider themselves poor in terms of food

This is an all time low record. The past administrations had high percentages which means that the first 100 days of President Duterte has made an impact to the poorest citizens of the country. 
(Cover Photo credits: The Philippine Pride)


Metro Manila Before and After Duterte Took Oath

In spite of the many criticisms of the newly seated president of the Philippines, the 16 million people who voted for him, with their unwavering support continue to see the changes he has done for the country. 

Divisoria: A busy shopping street outside shopping malls where many pick pocketers used to victimize people

This is a short video comparing Manila streets before and after Duterte. Interviews with Quezon City barangay chairpersons are inside as well. Here’s the link: Metro Manila Before and After Duterte 

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Divorce

So this is breaking the internet right now.. It sucks to a lot of people worldwide because they’re one of the few couples in Hollywood that made us hang on to Love and Forever, right? I’m shocked and sad and I’m feeling weak.. Scared of love and what else it can do to my life. 🙈 

People can’t simply ignore this, I mean can you move on from these?….

Brangelina Cutest Moments

Photo: Wenner media

However, I read from Reuters what Angelina told the media on her reason for filing Divorce. (For the ‘health of the family’) That’s really something deep. Of course they had 12 years of relationship together and to file divorce after that would really mean there’s a huge upsetting root cause. (Click here for the Full Article) They also mentioned TMZ citing unnamed sources, reported Angelina was upset with Brad’s parenting methods. I do hope none of the kids have experienced anything traumatizing. Angelina filed for divorce yesterday, citing the oft-used “irreconcilable differences.” She is also reportedly asking for physical custody of the couple’s six children, and asking a judge to grant Brad Pitt visitation, but, TMZ notes, not joint physical custody, a potential sign that things have gone sour between the one-time super-couple. Significantly, Jolie is not asking for spousal support (a move only the most major of power couples can manage—even among married celebrities, one party tends to request spousal support from the other).

I’m sorry if I seem to be affected by this, it’s just not feeling right knowing they’re splitting. Even fashion magazine Vogue stated in their on line report about their split Today shall go down as the day love died. 😦 

Update: Adele just dedicated her performance in New York to #Brangelina. Indeed, it’s the end of an era. 

Corrupted Journalism

This article appears on the opinion portion of thre paper

It’s absurd how huge media companies such as The New York Times can embrace the filthy narco politics our country is suffering from. I’ve been following them and Time on their social media sites and it’s disappointing. 

Their recent post about president Duterte Heng on the Philippines’ President and His War on Drugs obviously is a character assassination move.

(Update on New York Times article: They deleted the body of the article after receiving all negative posts arguing with why they have posted. They just left it with the first paragraph)

 As a result, people will have a different perspective of his leadership. They can spread these lies like wild fire. In recent happenings in New York, there were activists who protested against Duterte. 

American activists (VOCAL) rally against Duterte in New York

Yes, Duterte verbally declares war on drugs and threatens to kill drug lords but if you dig on the numbers, you will be stunned. The average killings during the previous administration (Benigno Aquino III) was 35 daily. During Duterte’s administration, it went down to 20 daily. Why weren’t the killings back then a big deal? Why are we counting only now???

There was a moment when Duterte was asked how come only small time drug dealers are being caught or killed. He answered them without hesitation and said that if he could he would kill the drug lords who are the main bosses of the police generals and big businessmen in the country and also governors and mayors. However, these drug lords cannot and will not be found in our country. They are operating outside of the Philippines. 

Those getting killed daily is too simple to just blame all to Duterte but people nowadays are actually questioning whether they were killed because they were drug dealers or they were killed by their bosses who are covering up their own mess because they are working in the government. One of the things to ponder on…


When there was still ‘Jelena’

So the Internet just got a major shock when Selena posted a comment on  Justin’s Instagram Post

Selena posted first and of course, Justine responded. However, it’s Selena who slayed him. Fans reactions are crazy! Screenshots, memes, TB Photos, GIFs, #SelenaEndedJustinParty got the most attention! Literally, Internet got crazy! My twitter couldn’t even handle it. (Problem reported) 

So Selenators, even Beliebers who got pissed by what happened posted these…

Their response when Justin said she used him to get attention..

Obviously Selena is Chanel 😂

There are also people unfollowing Justin because of this. They feel that he isn’t really giving any importance to his fans. He even bans them from taking photos while Selena is reaching out to her fans. She ended it with her own Instagram Post…

I wonder if there’d be news about this whole exes feud when I get up tomorrow.. 


Michael Phelps race with Mario Bros. background

So this FB page Reto SFX shared a video of USA Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps competing with 80’s Mario Brothers background music. Even the post race where they raise the flags is spot on! It reminds me of the part of the game where we needed to aim the highest jump to get the biggest bonus! 

Here’s the viral video (currently with 14k likes): Michael Phelps 80s #Nintendo sounds