It’s the most hated feeling in the world.. well that’s mine. I’d rather be told the worse than to let me expect something that will fail. I can be uptight at times and it’s hard for me to accept failure. I guess I’ve suffered and still suffering for the things I failed to do in the past. 

I do pray and hope for wonderful things but sometimes, it scares me when I cannot grasp the realistic level of what seems to be the thoughts I’ve been keeping. It sucks to count on people you cannot lean on your worst times. But then I should remember that it’s  my loner self that made me stronger in this life. Alone in life but at peace and there are not much disappointments. 


My Parking Moments

As a parent, as a busy human being with so many responsibilities, the 5-minute quiet time and sometimes a mini concert inside the car while parking at the gate is my favorite moments of Me Time. 

Not that I despise the daily grind in the house and what not, it’s ultimately relieving some tensions kept in my head and chest. 

Now playing: Coldplay (I’m a 90’s junkie)