TWD Season 7 trailer arrives TOMORROW at 1pm PT.

So it will be a crazy day tomorrow for the Walking Dead fans. The very first trailer for Season 7 will be aired after the long wait. 

I’m expecting more cliffhanger after that Season 6 finale. Who’s gonna die? I hate to make a guess but I think it’s Eugene. 😯 He’s redemmed himself after the big lie he said about DC and the cure but oh well, it’s the trend in TV series nowadays. They all die. It’s just a matter of time 😅. 


The 100: Waiting for Season 4


I’ve loved this show since I saw it in Netflix and I can’t wait to continue the story of Clarke and the other characters in Season 4. Latest development is that they revealed 2 characters to be shown in the upcoming season. 

They’re ‘grounders’ with different personalities. Alie got destroyed in Season 3 but the nuclear threat is yet to be confirmed whether it is true or was it just Alie’s way of distracting Clarke. We’ll see.. but for now, waiting sucks!  😩