My Althea Box #4

Due to my current busy schedule (busier then evaaaa!), I only get to take photos of my purchases when I get the chance to! I also broke my hard drive! Oh well!!! 🙈 Still, my Althea Korea obsession is very much alive! 🙅🏻

Thank you Althea Korea for including a Gift Certificate inside!!! 🤗

I’m already using my refill  for Laneige BB Cushion so I decided to give this baby a try. It has good reviews with maintaining moisture and it’s what I need right now. It’s been raining nonstop here and the cold weather has been drying out my skin (it’s dry by default so it got worse!) 

I have also been looking for a moisturizing lip product and this caught my attention. I’ll do my best to find time to review this product as well as my BB Cushions!

Another gift from Althea Korea! I love the color! 💕

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Review: Witch’s Pouch Collagen Lip & Eye Remover

Hey gorgeous! I’m so glad to share with you my experience with this awesome product. 

I bought this for 60% off at only P220

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I’ve never been happy with a make up remover. This product doesn’t sting my eyes. I have very sensitive skin under eye and my eyes are also very sensitive with eye make ups and other skin care products. This product nourishes my skin while cleaning out my make up. I really love it! It’s just like applying a beauty oil on my skin. it contains rice bran oil and vitamins plus hydrolized collagen!

On removing eye make up, my eyeliner and eye shadow are so easy to remove without any stinging feeling plus it feels moisturizer afterwards. 

I’m so happy with this product and I’m interested to purchase again! For my rating, I’d give it a

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5

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Mini Review: The Face Shop Apple Pop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

It’s spontaneous, I know! I’m stuck at the airport right now, somewhere in the middle of the globe! While traveling, there are a lot of things that may cause discomfort and one of those is skin dryness!!! Don’t you just hate having dry hands and fingers?! I can’t stand that! I always have a hand cream in my purses wherever I go, so let me just say how I love this The Face Shop Hand Cream! 

I’m in a tiny cafe now, just killing time and I’ve just freshened up, washed my hands and my moisturizer got washed out. Thanks to this fragrant hand cream, my hands and fingers don’t feel dry anymore! Smells like fresh apples, too! 

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Unboxing Althea (Box #3)

Hey friends! It’s been a while and I’ve been really busy so here’s a quick update! I’ve got another box of Althea Korea goodies! 

Just a few things I needed and since Althea Korea offers free shipping, it’s really convenient! 

Brown gel liner with brush from Witch’s Pouch

Collagen Lip & Eye (Make up) Remover

Moringa Body Lotion from Nature Holic
Reviews will be posted when I get to use them and yeah, when my schedule permits! 😝

Review: Etude Rosy Tint Lips

I’m a sucker for pink roses and random floral objects.. I saw this while I was browsing through Althea Korea

From P478, it was 26% off. 

Price went down to P350 👏🏼

I chose the shade Baby Pioni

I was under the impression that it will also be glossy but it’s totally matte. There’s a sponge applicator which helps in spreading the product on the lips but you have to be careful in applying. You can’t apply much pressure in applying or else your lips will start peeling and dry skin will mess up the tint. At least that’s what happened on my first application. 😝

The product is quite sticky so it’s quite a challenge to spread the product on the lips. On my second application, it was better for me. I exfoliated my lips before using the tint and I was gentle enough not to press hard on my lips while applying 😌 Also, the tint lasted longer on me. 

I’d  give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I love the packaging and how convenient it is to have a little cushion to spread the product on my lips instead of my fingers but I’m still a glossy type of tint person. I need that shimmer in my life because it’s too dull and dry. 😂 My lips tend to peel off dry skin so I need moisture all the time.

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Mini Skinfood Haul

Recently, I’ve been searching for a product that can deeply moisturize my skin. I’ve been to Korean shops and even to The Body Shop. I’ve wanted to buy their vitamin E cream but I guess I was too ‘lucky’ that it’s totally sold out! 😤

So finally, my last stop before I headed home was Skinfood. I found this Avocado emulsifier which looks really interesting. The lady at the counter was nice and accommodating. She even gave me 4 sachets of Skinfood goodies.🙆 yay!