My Baby’s Senstitive Skin

I have been trying to find time to share this to moms out there. My baby has a sensitive skin and she has a mild asthma as well. So far, I’ve been keeping away from baby powder, petroleum jelly, strong diaper creams. She will get irritated with powder or dusts and it’s a scare when she starts coughing and having shortness of breath, then doctor will give her antibiotics again. That’s really scary so no powders in the house. She has sensitive skin and when she gets a rash, it really gets worse so fast! The redness will spread and she will keep crying due to the itch and soreness. 😦 

I’m really glad I’ve found these 3 products! 

I’m using this Liquid Powder from Lactacyd. It moisturizer baby’s skin and turns into powder. EcoSkinLove is close to our heart as its products are made from natural ingredients and they’re really affordable! Their Shea Butter Bar is really moisturizing and their Eco Balm (Multi Purpose) has been really useful to me and my baby. Unlike petroleum jelly, this product doesn’t block pores and doesn’t contain hash chemicals. I will be posting my individual reviews for these products on my next posts. 😊


Toddlers and Lipsticks

You are happily doing your laundry, you crave for some coffee but first you wanna check on your toddler to see if she’s doing okay and voila!!! That’s why she’s been so quiet for the past uhmmm 10 minutes?! 

R.I.P. to my plum lippie!! 

Oh well, so my coffee just turned into an iced coffee. I’m glad I found some ice cubes! (I normally see an empty tray because they’re too lazy to refill it 😤)

Going back to my toddler…

I’ve actually solved this little problem with her and my lipsticks. muhahaha! I just got some acrylic drawers and shelves for cupboard top! 🙆 Yay!!! I’m slowly getting there— getting organized! 😂

What can I say? I love motherhood😙💜