My Pore Care Essentials

I don’t have too many open pores but a portion of my cheeks and nose have more open pores than the rest of my facial skin. I’ve been using these two products to help me take care of my pores, minimize them and keep them away from breakouts. 

I’m using A’Pieu Stone Peach Pore Less Freshner after cleansing my face. I use a cotton pad to wipe my face with it. This product is mild, it doesn’t feel like there is any alcohol content. I like that it can show visible results in minimizing my pores. I love that I can buzz off right after using this product and I won’t feel dry on my face. It’s like a liquid moisturizer/ cleanser. 

I’m also using EcoSkinLove Witch Hazel Toner. It’s really a great buy! It’s the only toner which makes my skin really feeling clean while minimizing my pores, too. What I like about this product is it also helps in getting rid of pimples. Witch hazel has a lot of skin care benefits and being anti-acne is one of those. I always have these period breakouts. They appear on my temple or forehead usually and they’re painful sometimes. When I use this toner, the pimples easily dry up and starts healing. Unlike the other brands of witch hazel toners I’ve tried in the past or even those I just sniffed at Watson’s (LOL), this toner doesn’t smell too strong. I get that witch hazel is a medicinal plant and it should have some herbal scent but there are brands that I really can’t use because of the strong scent! I love this EcoSkinLove witch hazel toner. 

If you want to buy/ know about these products:

A’Pieu Stone Peach Pore Less Freshner : Althea Korea 

EcoSkinLove Witch Hazel Toner: 

Ecoskinlove on Shopee or

EcoSkinLove on Facebook

I hope this can help anyone who has large pore problems. 



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