Review: Etude Rosy Tint Lips

I’m a sucker for pink roses and random floral objects.. I saw this while I was browsing through Althea Korea.

From P478, it was 26% off.

Price went down to P350 👏🏼

I chose the shade Baby Pioni

I was under the impression that it will also be glossy but it’s totally matte. There’s a sponge applicator which helps in spreading the product on the lips but you have to be careful in applying. You can’t apply much pressure in applying or else your lips will start peeling and dry skin will mess up the tint. At least that’s what happened on my first application. 😝

The product is quite sticky so it’s quite a challenge to spread the product on the lips. On my second application, it was better for me. I exfoliated my lips before using the tint and I was gentle enough not to press hard on my lips while applying 😌 Also, the tint lasted longer on me.

I’d  give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I love the packaging and how convenient it is to have a little cushion to spread the product on my lips instead of my fingers but I’m still a glossy type of tint person. I need that shimmer in my life because it’s too dull and dry. 😂 My lips tend to peel off dry skin so I need moisture all the time.

🌷For first time shoppers at Althea Korea, Click this link for discount : Yay! Discount

Then add this coupon upon check out: WELCOME-PH


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