The Body Shop Haul

So it was a quiet Sunday and it was a walk-into-random shops after my little shopping at H&M. And yes, skin care is really an inevitable object in my mall times. 😜

After a few trips to different The Body Shop stores in the city, they finally restocked their Vitamin E series. I knew then I would go home with one. 💁🏼

Yay! Finally!

I chose to get the Vitamin E Emulsion SPF30 PA+++ and while I was happy with it, I realized that I have not renewed my The Body Shop membership card for quite some time, I decided to get another product to get the card for free. The last time I visited their shop, I really liked sniffing this Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne and I was lucky that they were having a promotion. 200 PHP off! Yay! 

I’ve started using the Vitamin E emulsion this morning. I’m going to use it as my morning moisturizer since it has SPF. It can add protection to my skin since I’m also using a DD cream with SPF from Ecoskinlove (local organic shop). I will post about their products separately. 

I’m hoping to get positive results from this Vitamin E emulsion. ❤️ 


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