First Impression: Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion by Skinfood

Shoutout to Korean skincare lovers like me! πŸŽ€

So I’ve been struggling with dry skin and fine lines especially when I’m in a cold place. I really feel that my skin is so dry and dull. I’m on my 5th night on using this product now and I must say that it moisturizes deep into my skin. Yes, deep!

  • Ingredients: None readable in English.
  • Weight: 140ml
  • Packaging: Glass bottle
  • Scent: Light fruity scent

When you use it, you need to knock it a little to get the product out so there’s a little bit of werk-werk-werk needed before you can apply the product on your skin. It’s quite concentrated so a little goes a long way. It’s also easy to blend on the skin.

So far, I like the effect on my skin. It deeply moisturizes, my skin looks nourished and healthier. I’m hoping to get rid, if not, fade some fine lines especially on my forehead. Let’s see what it can do after I finish the whole bottle. πŸ˜‰


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