Maitre Chocolatier 

I visited this cafe that is all about chocolate. 

Meat Sauce Linguine

Menu Description: 

A killer combo of Lindt chocolate and selected Italian spices in beef and pork, infused together with the perfectly cooked pasta linguine to create a wonderful surprise.

Death by Chocolate Halo-Halo

No menu description so I’ll give my own description: It’s a shaved ice dessert but unlike the regular Halo-Halo,  its ice cream is chocolate, it also got chocolate sauce drizzled on top and other chocolate toppings. It still has sweet banana and  nata de coco. 

The ambience is good. It’s not as crowded as Starbucks. There’s a small toilet at the end of the room. There are various chocolate bars on the shelves, a dress made of Ferrero Rocher at the front. It’s pretty cool. 

Everything they serve has chocolate in it even the pasta I ordered!🍝 It wasn’t bad but it’s not the type of pasta I’d order when I’m craving for a meaty pasta. 

I loved the Mint Ice chocolate but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it 😂

Overall experience was fair. I’d give it 3 out of 5.

Would I come back? Sure, if Starbucks is too noisy 😂and if I’m craving for chocolates!  🍫


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