Toddlers and Lipsticks

You are happily doing your laundry, you crave for some coffee but first you wanna check on your toddler to see if she’s doing okay and voila!!! That’s why she’s been so quiet for the past uhmmm 10 minutes?! 

R.I.P. to my plum lippie!! 

Oh well, so my coffee just turned into an iced coffee. I’m glad I found some ice cubes! (I normally see an empty tray because they’re too lazy to refill it 😤)

Going back to my toddler…

I’ve actually solved this little problem with her and my lipsticks. muhahaha! I just got some acrylic drawers and shelves for cupboard top! 🙆 Yay!!! I’m slowly getting there— getting organized! 😂

What can I say? I love motherhood😙💜


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