EcoSkinLove Strawberry Kisses Lip Lightener 

I can’t help but share my excitement about this product.

I used to have an obsession to peeling away the  dry skin from my lips and it’s horrible because my lips always bled.  😣

I started using this Lip Lightening Balm last week. I applied it every night before bed and left it overnight. It smells so sweet like strawberries but it doesn’t taste anything sweet at all.

Immediate Effect: Moisturizes lips

After 1 week: Lighter Lips, Healed my dry lips (no longer dry), the patch disappeared, It also helped me quit the bad habit of peeling my lips.

That habit was really bad and I knew it was but just couldn’t help but peel my dry skin away.

But yeah, now I’m really glad with my lips. They’re lighter and healthier.  ❤

(photo grabbed from Google)


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