Your Thoughts Make You

For a long time, I have struggled so much in life. Bad relationships, good relationships turned sour, shattered dreams. Everything is just going around in circles.

One day I just had it.

Why the hell do I have so much mess?

It’s the thoughts in my head every single day. I realized I need to loosen up. I need to slow down. I need to stop.

I need to avoid negative thoughts as much as I can and it’s not easy. But then I need to remind myself the implications. The things I attract when I get so worked up in my head.

Thoughts become things. ☝


2 thoughts on “Your Thoughts Make You

  1. I agree… I had some dark phase in my life too.. I had to start being positive and just a small thought changed it all. It took great deal of strength and courage to move on and do things but I did and now I couldn’t be happier! love the post.

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