Mini Skinfood Haul

Recently, I’ve been searching for a product that can deeply moisturize my skin. I’ve been to Korean shops and even to The Body Shop. I’ve wanted to buy their vitamin E cream but I guess I was too ‘lucky’ that it’s totally sold out! 😤

So finally, my last stop before I headed home was Skinfood. I found this Avocado emulsifier which looks really interesting. The lady at the counter was nice and accommodating. She even gave me 4 sachets of Skinfood goodies.🙆 yay! 


President Duterte: First SONA 

I still can’t believe it. Our humble mayor is now our president. There are so many things to say about him and it’s just so overwhelming especially for a Dabawenya like me. He’s been our protector, our provider of peace of mind, he has made our city one of the most livable in the world, child friendly. It was a full 360° turn from being a killing field in the past.

Today, he is about to give us his first SONA and the whole country and even people in other parts of the world are anticipating for it. Militants, for the very first time, were not only allowed to do their rally but they were guided to go in the vicinity of the Malacañan Palace. Such gesture of peace and fair leadership. 

We are so very proud of you, Mr. President. We dearly love you. Please keep safe and thank you for bringing about real change in this country. 

EcoSkinLove Strawberry Kisses Lip Lightener 

I can’t help but share my excitement about this product.

I used to have an obsession to peeling away the  dry skin from my lips and it’s horrible because my lips always bled.  😣

I started using this Lip Lightening Balm last week. I applied it every night before bed and left it overnight. It smells so sweet like strawberries but it doesn’t taste anything sweet at all.

Immediate Effect: Moisturizes lips

After 1 week: Lighter Lips, Healed my dry lips (no longer dry), the patch disappeared, It also helped me quit the bad habit of peeling my lips.

That habit was really bad and I knew it was but just couldn’t help but peel my dry skin away.

But yeah, now I’m really glad with my lips. They’re lighter and healthier.  ❤

(photo grabbed from Google)

TWD Season 7 trailer arrives TOMORROW at 1pm PT.

So it will be a crazy day tomorrow for the Walking Dead fans. The very first trailer for Season 7 will be aired after the long wait. 

I’m expecting more cliffhanger after that Season 6 finale. Who’s gonna die? I hate to make a guess but I think it’s Eugene. 😯 He’s redemmed himself after the big lie he said about DC and the cure but oh well, it’s the trend in TV series nowadays. They all die. It’s just a matter of time 😅. 

The 100: Waiting for Season 4


I’ve loved this show since I saw it in Netflix and I can’t wait to continue the story of Clarke and the other characters in Season 4. Latest development is that they revealed 2 characters to be shown in the upcoming season. 

They’re ‘grounders’ with different personalities. Alie got destroyed in Season 3 but the nuclear threat is yet to be confirmed whether it is true or was it just Alie’s way of distracting Clarke. We’ll see.. but for now, waiting sucks!  😩